Chris Sailer

Understated Senior Shines For Stickwomen

Luckily, the record book speaks clearly: six varsity letters before this year, All-Ivy honors in hockey and lacrosse, as well as all-New England in the latter.

Speak Softly...

"Chris controls the play as the leader of the defense and initiates the attack," MacAusland says. "Obviously, she has an excellent stick and she's strong."

"Her quality of play, physically and mentally, is one of the best on the team," adds Kellogg. "She's a real inspiration for everyone else."

And finally, the ultimate compliment from Ippolito: "When Chris plays well, we play well."


As captain, Sailer has to do more than play well on the field. "I bring a lot of things to Edie's attention that might otherwise go unsaid, I'm sort of an intermediary," the Psychology major says. "I don't think my basic personality is to lead."

Others do. "Chris is the best captain I've ever played under," Ippolito says. "She's inspiring and totally dedicated to the team. She'll tell you when you've had a bad game, but she's also the first to come up and hug you when you've had a good one."

"I think she's a leader--not in a flashy sort of way, but she's not afraid to be goofy or spirited either," MacAusland says. "Off the field she's very fair, and she's a very good spokeswoman for the team."

Because Chris Sailer boosts her team better than she boosts herself, don't believe her when she says she's only interested in field hockey and lacrosse. Instead, believe what the people who know her best say--and that's not typical.