Security Guard


To The Editors of The Crimson:

In response to your articles regarding my performance while on duty as a member of the Harvard University Student Security Patrol, I would like to set the record straight regarding certain glaring omissions and blatant misrepresentations in your articles.

On the evening in question I was approached by a young woman who requested that I escort her from Currier House to South House. Immediately, and without question, I agreed to her request. I explicitly followed the directions she gave to me. She arrived at her destination safely, without incident. In fact, in speaking with her later that evening, she indeed confirmed that I had not failed to honor her request for an escort.

At no time did I dismiss as irrelevant her concern with the security of the area. On a personal level, I was concerned with her very evident perception of the area as extremely unsafe, and tried to reassure her that my presence, as well as the presence of the other guards in the area, was designed to create a safe environment.

I look forward to continuing my professional commitment to a safe and secure Radcliffe Quad area, as a member of the HUSSP and a representative of the HUPD. I would encourage any student who, at any time or for any reason, feels that he or she is in an unsafe environment or in possible danger to utilize the escort service, in either ambulatory or automotive form, by calling 495-1212, at any time of the day or night.


I remain confident that my actions speak for themselves. William G. Glazier

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