SoHo Annihilates Lowell House, 28-0

Eliot Pops Dunster/Mather, 13-0

The beast is back and they call it 1980 version of the South House tackle football squad.

The men in orange combined a gang of talented backs and a swarming defense to annihilate a defenseless Lowell House contingent, 28-0, yesterday in House Football action.

The first game of the bi-weekly intramural double feature saw Eliot House coast to an easy 13-0 win over Dunster/Mather.

SoHo established its ground game early, driving 45 yards for a touchdown following an Allan Banks interception. With quarterback Joe Auteri calling the plays and a massive offensive line calling the shots, running backs Scott "find him a nickname" Schereschewsky and Rick Gallito ran at will through the Lowell defense en route to six points.

Schereschewsky slammed up the middle for nine, and then went off the left tackle for eight more. The galloping Gallito then hit the other side of the line for a five yard gain, and after Auteri's six yard keeper, the SoHo hordes were knocking at the door, first and goal at the nine.


On the very next play, Auteri pitched right to Schereschewsky, who turned a tight corner and steamed across the goal line standing up.

On the next SoHo scoring drive--a 75-yard jaunt--running backs Carl Morillo, Gallito, and Schereschewsky all carried the ball once, for an average gain of 17.5 yards, and to cap the drive, Auteri hit tight end par excellence John Cheney for a 20-yard gain.

Just for the record, Gallito scored on a drive from the four. It's not worth it to describe the rest of the points.

For the South House defense, the day was a little disappointing. Bruce Hanson, John Rockwood, Andy Golub and Co. gave up a first down, but they're looking to improve next week against Dunster/Mather.

The Dunthers (Mathsters?) will have to improve a little themselves if they hope to avoid the same fate as Lowell House. The Eliot House Dave Gessner to Roy "Hands" McLeese passing combo made a mockery of a non-existent Dunster/Mather secondary, with Gessner going six for eight and 151 yards on the day.

Those stats include two TD tosses, one a masterful 65-yard connection to McLeese, and the other a one yard lob to Mike Elliot. McLeese made an acrobatic grab, luded three Mather defenders, and then trucked 30 additional yards to score. He was injured on another long gainer midway through the second half and had to leave the game, but at last report was recovering nicely in Stillman Infirmary. Probably the whole Lowell Squad wishes it were in there with him.

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