SASC Outlines Goals

The South African Solidarity Committee (SASC) met last night to outline the group's goals in its attempts to convince the university to divest of its holding in companies doing business in South Africa.

The committee decided that it should raise student awareness of South Africa's apartheid practices, show that the University has done little to demonstrate any commitment to divestiture, and protest recruiting visits by banks with South African financial interests.

Most committee members said much work needed to be done to awaken students to the divestiture movement. "What we need is basic education, leaflets and canvassing. We have to get the issue before the student body," Eric Ascherman '81, SASC member, argued.

Considered Opinion

One committee member who asked to remain unidentified, said the most effective way to educate students about divestiture "is to get them mad at the University. Students come here thinking Harvard is the great protector of society. They have to be shown that this is not the case," he said.


Many students noted the current lack of student interest in divestiture. "Right now Harvard is winning the battle of hearts and minds," the SASC member said, "but this is a moral and social issue which will not go away."