Meningitis Incident

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Residents of Massachusetts Hall took their last dose of medicine against Meningitis over the weekend and reported no new cases of the disease, a type of which put a woman resident into the intensive care unit last week, Dr. Warren E. C. Wacker, director of University Health Services (UHS) said yesterday.

The woman, listed by Massachusetts General Hospital in "fair" condition, hopes to be back at Harvard "over the weekend or early next week," she said from her hospital bed yesterday.

Although several Mass Hall residents have come to UHS with various symptoms, they "show symptoms normal for this time of year," not anything related to the Meningitis, Dr. Loring Conant Jr. '61 said yesterday.

Non-resident officials with offices in Mass Hall, like President Bok, did not take the prophylactic treatment because they would not have been enough to the stricken woman to contact the disease which is "spread by droplets," Wacker said.


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