Class of '84 Selects 22 Assembly Reps

Only Two Contested Elections

The Class of '84 elected 22 representatives to the Students Assembly last night in polling at the Freshman Union. The elections were contested in only two of the five districts of the Yard.

In the North Yard dorms (Lionel, Mower, Hollis, Stoughton and Holworthy), five candidates ran for four assembly seats. In the East Yard dorms Thayer Weld and (Canaday), eight candidates vied for seven seats.

Since the number of candidates was the same as the number of seats in the West Yard, South Yard and Union dorms, those elections were uncontested. There is one assembly delegate for every 75 students in each district.

"The elections were very low-key because most freshmen don't know much about the assembly or about each other," Peter B. Fleischer '80-4, vice chairman of the assembly and an organizer of the election, said yesterday. "I didn't see any signs up and none of the candidates have been hanging around the polls," he added.

Freshmen candidates nominated themselves and submitted position papers Wednesday. Voting began Thursday at lunch and continued through dinner last night in the Union.


The newly elected representatives will serve until February, when more elections will be held in the upperclass Houses as well as the Yard.

Sue Ellen Brown '84, a new delegate from the East Yard, said yesterday she decided to run after attending the Assembly's first meeting this year. "They talked about calendar reform, and I decided to run in order to work for that," she said.

Many more freshmen nominated themselves for the assembly this year than last year, Kenneth Levine '83, chairman of the assembly's committee on Internal and External Affairs and an organizer of the election, said yesterday.

"Last year was atrocious," he said, adding, "There weren't enough nominees, so we had to delay the elections and hold nominations again. This year there were just a few more nominees than seats."

The new assembly representatives from the Class of '84, are:

West Yard: Robert S. Foster, William M. Haney III, Madison K. Karlock and Steven W. Hawkins.

South Yard: Pamela A. Puzinas, Reginald R. Hopkinson, and Michael J. Sears.

North Yard: Bradford L. Farkas, Jonathan H. Spalter, Craig S. McCrohon, and Adam J. Sorscher.

Union dorms: victor G. Freeman, Henry C. Park, and Margaret M. Groarke.

East Yard: Matthew McEvoy, anthony G. Brown, Rodney L. Greene, John R. Schmiedel, Sue E. Brown, Benjamin M. Mattlin, and Mary Lillian Walker