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The Office of Special Programs will move from University Hall to the Office of Career Services and Off-Campus Learning (OCS-OCL) later this month, in an attempt to consolidate resources for students preparing to study abroad.

Constance F. Magistrelli, head of the Office of Special Prgrams, said yesterday she believes it will make "much more sense" to locate her office, which helps students obtain credit for study abroad, in OCS-OCL.

Magistrelli said she will coordinate her work with Mary Fan Kain and Margot N. Gill, counselors for OCS-OCL, who handle leaves of absence and resources for study-abroad programs, respectively.

"It will be very helpful for me," Magistrelli said, "especially if students have questions about other aspects of their experience abroad."

The new location will also make it easier to follow-up on students who go to receive degree credit, Magistrelli said.

Dean Fox decided to move the office last August, an assistant to Fox said yesterday.