Reading Period

HANOVER, N.H.--The Dartmouth College faculty rejected on Monday a proposal to create a two-day reading period before final exams. The proposal failed because President John G. Kemeny refused to break a 39-39 tie vote.

Instead, the faculty voted to send the issue back to an executive committee to discuss whether to have a reading period and whether to prohibit major quizzes and exams in the last week before finals.

Stephen Garland, professor of mathematics, said he opposed the reading period proposal because it would take away from teaching time.

Roger Masters, a professor of government, disagreed, saying that Ivy League schools have an average reading period of 12.6% days.

Some professors said they opposed the plan for a reading period because it intruded upon teaching freedom. However, Andrew Wiget, assistant professor of English and Native American studies, said, "I don't see how the creation of a space legislates what I teach at all."


Wiget said the faculty has a "moral obligation" to provide a reading period.

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