U.S. Icemen Tie Sweden As Olympics Begin

The Winter Olympics

The 1980 Winter Olympics officially open today, and you'd better pay close attention because they may be the last Olympics for a long time--at least for the United States.

Yesterday, while athletes were already on the ice playing hockey in rare, pre-opening ceremonies competition, the International Olympic Committee voted to hold the 1980 summer Games in Moscow as planned, despite the threatened boycott by American athletes, making U.S. participation tenuous at best.

But, even with the spectre of a boycott, the furor about the right of the Republic of China to compete under that name instead of Taiwan--a right the IOC has denied--and a communications foulup between the Olympic venues, competition began yesterday in thrilling fashion.

Down by one goal with less than a minute remaining in the game, the U.S. hockey team rallied to notch a 2-2 tie in their opening round game against Sweden.

BillBaker of the University of Minnesota scored the tying goal off a Buzz Schneider pass. Earlier, Boston University star Dave Silk had tallied for the American.


Today's television coverage includes the opening ceremonies shown live from 2-4 P.M., and the men's luge, featured from 9-11. B.S. & Wire dispatching

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