Computer Office Expands To House New Machine

The Harvard Office of Information Technology (OIT), which catalogues administrative and financial information for the University including computation of grades and term bills, is enlarging the machine room in its Computer Center.

The "space cruch" occurred when the joint computing system shared by OIT and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology ended last August, Peter J. Heffernan, assistant manager of the computer center in the OIT, said yesterday. The move forced the Harvard Center, located at 1730 Cambridge St., to expand its facilities to compensate for the lost computing capacity.

A Squeeze

"The added equipment is too much for the present machine room to accommodate," Heffernan said. "We're just enlarging the space," he added.

The machine room presently holds the computer and its components, storage racks for 7000 tapes, and an airconditioning unit.

Plans for the 2000 square feet of added space include installation of a special computer floor, additional space for tape storage, and the replacement of the energy-inefficient air-conditioning.

The over-crowded machine room does not provide adequate working space and creates problems for computer maintenance, Heffernan said.

"There's just not enough space in the machine room now," Martin J. Vanderburgh, a computer programmer, said yesterday, adding, "It's really tight back there."

Richard J. Stanton III, director of accounting and finances for the OIT, estimated the total renovation cost at $95,000, with $45,000 going for the new air-conditioning unit. The funds come from the operating income of the Center.

He said he expects the renovations to be completed in six weeks.

Renovations will be mainly beneficial to computer operators who have to work under the present conditions," Heffernan said, adding that the additional space, and a more energy efficient air conditioning unit should cut computer costs.