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LESS THAN TWO WEEKS after President Carter's call for renewed draft registration, student activists around the nation have shown that he will meet resistance.

The Crimson applauds the recent show of anti-draft activism, and urges students and others to become more involved, not only in mass demonstrations but in lobbying their Congressmen, and in voting and working for presidential candidates who oppose registration.

More than selfish motives should spur the anti-draft registration campaign; it must be a movement as well against increased military spending, and unthinking faith in military solutions to international problems.

At the same time, anti-draft organizers should learn a lesson from the Sixties: sectarian differences are the worst enemy of those working for progressive causes. Last week's organizing meeting of the Harvard anti-draft group showed signs that it may deteriorate into an ideological battleground between libertarians, pacifists and other sects. Discussion is important, but we hope internecine disputes will not hamper this movement.

The possibility of renewed draft registration will, we hope, motivate Americans both to think about larger issues in American foreign policy and to unite, not separate, in the search for peaceful solutions.

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