Emeka Ezera


To the Editors of The Crimson:

Permit me to make two comments concerning Ms. Brenda Russell's articles on the Emeka Ezera trial.

Chief Justice Elam did not "duck" a difficult trial; he was involved throughout the afternoon in a more difficult case. Had Ms. Russell wished to know where he was, she had only to ask any of the prosecutors or court officers. Justice Elam was presiding over a three-hour hearing to determine whether probably cause existed to charge a man with attempted murder.

Associate Justice Charles Grabau was described by Ms. Russell as "white," while certain defendants were described either as "Chicano" or "Hispanic." Justice Grabau grew up in Cuba, only leaving when his family fled Castro's regime in 1961.

The sinister machinations which Ms. Russell's articles seemed to suggest are not supported by the facts. While she is certainly entitled to have a particular view of the judicial system in this Commonwealth, she also has an obligation to refrain from allowing these opinions to color her presentation of the news. Peter R. Huntsman '74


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