B.U. Graduation--Ten Years Late

Ten years late, the class of 1960 at Boston University is finally getting a chance to graduate.

A decade ago the B.U. administration cancelled commencement because of tensions and daily demonstrations following the shootings at Kent State University.

"Yours is the only class in Boston University's long history whose commencement exercise was cancelled," the school said in a letter to alumni. "Now, ten years later, we would like you to come back to campus to march in the academic procession, sit on the field and be recognized as representatives of the class of 190," the letter added.

So far, only 100 persons in the 4000-member class have agreed to wear caps and gowns and attend the ceremony May 18.

Officials said they were disappointed that the turnout is low, but alumni director Carol Paolizzi said, "We have gotten a lot of favorable responses from people who are now living across the country who say they can't come but are pleased that the university at least made this gesture."

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