Burton Wolfman to Leave Radcliffe, Will Become Brandeis Budget Director

Burton I. Wolfman, administrative dean of Radcliffe College, will leave his post in June to become director of the budget for Brandeis University

Wolfman said Thursday he was hired in 1976 to help President Horner decide on the merger question and to help with the fiscal planning of the college. He added that those jobs are completed and it is time to move on.

"There is no cause or effect to my decision other than a desire to pursue my career," Wolfman said.

"We will miss him terribly," Horner said yesterday, adding, "I think he is very talented and did a very good job."

Closing Ranks

Wolfman will not be replaced, Horner said, adding that his responsibilities will be carried out by Bonnie N. Howard '56, comptroller of Radcliffe since September. "I think she will carry on admirably," Horner said.

Howard also filed in as personnel administrator after a death in the personnel department, Horner added.

"I'm sorry (Wolfman) is leaving--I've enjoyed working closely with him," Howard said yesterday.

Picking up the Threads

Radcliffe administrators decided not to replace Wolfman, because, with some reorganization, other administrators could perform his duties, she said.

Howard added that she will handle all of Wolfman's fiscal responsibilities. "Recently I've been active in budgetary matters" Howard said, explaining one way she is preparing for her new duties.

Before becoming comptroller of Radcliffe. Howard was acting director of the Latin Scholarship Program, an organization responsible for bringing Latin American students to American universities.

Horner said Howard will work the same way Wolfman did on budgetary concerns--in conjunction with herself and the trustees.

Officials at Brandeis could not be reached for comment.

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