Anti-Draft Rally

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The Boston Alliance Against Registration and the Draft (BAARD) staged a demonstration Saturday on Boston Common to protest draft registration.

BAARD called the "emergency demonstration" in response to the passage by the House Appropriations Committee last Thursday of a measure authorizing funding of registration. The bill is now before the full House.

One speaker at the rally called President Carter "a rich man's president" who would start "a rich man's war" in order to benefit the oil companies. Another speaker said the oil companies "run this country."

Ted Lewis, a BAARD organizer, said Saturday he advocates refus 1 to register if the registration bill takes effect. I wis added that people who do register should not include their social security numbers on the registration forms so that they will be harder to locate if they eventually decide to oppose the draft.

Lewis criticized Sens. Edward M. Kennedy '54 (D-Mass.) and Paul E. Tsongas (D-Mass.) for merely stating their intention to vote against registration rather than actively opposing it.


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