Adams, South House Masters Choose Future Senior Tutors

The Masters of Adams and South Houses recently named their choices to replace the outgoing Senior Tutors. Dean Fox, Dean Rosovsky and the Harvard Corporation must approve the selections.

John J. Hildebidle '67, a teaching fellow in the English Department, said yesterday the Adams House office informed him "approximately a week ago" of his selection as the new Senior Tutor for the House.

Hildebidle is slated to replace Peter Dale, who will leave the post at the end of the school year to join the English department of the University of California at Davis.

Robert J. Kiely '60, Master of Adams House, was unavailable for comment yesterday.

Dr. Warren E.C. Wacker, Master of South House, said yesterday he has recommended Nancy L. Maull, assistant professor of philosophy at Yale, to fill the vacancy left by Judith B. Walzer.

Walzer will leave Harvard this summer with her husband, Michael L. Walzer. professor of Government, who has accepted a position at the Princeton University Institute of Advanced Study.

Dean Fox yesterday refused to comment because the Corporation has not yet met to decide upon the appointments.

Maull, whose husband, Stephen Holmes, joined the Government Department this year as an assistant professor, said yesterday she would not assume Walzer's duties as assistant dean of the College for coeducation. She added that she might take on a teaching position in either Philosophy or History of Science.

Hildebidle, who teaches Adams House English tutorials as well as History and Literature tutorials on modern Britain and the United States, said he applied for the position after reading an advertisement in the University Gazette.

Hildebidle and his wife, Nicola Gilsdorf, will move into the House this summer.

The last two Senior Tutors and Masters of Adams House have all been members of the English Department.

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