Quad Safety Criticized After Rape

The University provides inadequate security at the Radcliffe Quad, North House Master Hanna Hastings said yesterday in the wake of last week's rape of an undergraduate near Hilles Library.

The University has already planned to form a standing committee on security and hired one guard to patrol the three Quad Houses, but Hastings said one roving security guard was not enough.

While the Quad now has one guard for three Houses, the River Houses each have their own guard assigned, Hastings said, adding it was "ludicrous" for the University to employ six guards to make people walk their bikes through the Yard while the Quad Houses lacked their own permanent guards.

Dean Fox, who said yesterday he had talked with University police officials about last week's rape, added that University officials would look at the Quad to see if changes in security arrangements need to be made.

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Warren E.C. Wacker, master of South House, said yesterday that he and the South House senior tutor were telling students to be careful.

Howard Frazier, master of Currier House, could not be reached for comment yesterday.

Glenn J. Moramarco '81, chairman of the Currier House Committee, said the committee would discuss security at the Quad this week. "We're not jumping to too many conclusions," Moramarco said, adding that people he has talked to generally feel safe.

"People I've talked to are very upset," Brian M. Covino '81, chairman of the South House Committee, said yesterday, adding that several students had com- plained that the shuttle bus no longer goes up Garden St.

The Radcliffe Union of Students (RUS) will discuss security with President Horner at a meeting this Wednesday, Alison Dundes '81, RUS president, said.

Thomas A. Dingman '67, assistant dean of the College, said yesterday that the new standing committee on security will discuss security at the College. He added that it will also review existing security problems, alert students to the hazards of attending school in a big city, and review Harvard's security system.

Fox said representatives from his office, the Freshman Dean's Office, the student body, the University police, and the facilities office will compose the committee