Corporation Approves Hikes In Tuition, Room, Board Fees

The Corporation this week approved a Faculty recommendation increasing undergraduate tuition, room and board for the 1981-82 academic year to $10,540--15 per cent more than the current figure of $9170.

Hugh Calkins '45, a Corporation member, said yesterday the seven-member governing body decided to approve the figure because it fit the following criteria:

the hike is not more than the average national increase in disposable personal income;

the hike will allow the Faculty to keep up with current double-digit inflation;

and the $10,000-plus figure will probably not deter potential applicants to the College.


Melissa D. Gerrity, associate dean of the Faculty for financial affairs, said yesterday Dean Rosovsky decided to submit the $10,540 figure to the Corporation instead of a lower figure ($10,000), which Faculty finance officials had considered submitting until late last week.

"It's an insignificant difference," Gerrity said, adding, "The dean decided to go with a little bit extra."

Rosovsky and Gerrity said last week the tuition hike--which is the largest in at least several years--is necessary because of inflation, which has caused large increases in the Faculty's energy costs.

Up and Up and Up

Last year, total energy costs rose by about 25 per cent, and they will probably jump at least another 20 per cent this year.

But officials said last week they believe that the tuition hike will not affect allotment of grants, loans, and other forms of financial aid.

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