SOS Plans Campus Campaign To Promote Safety Measures

Prompted in part by a University Police survey, Students Organized for Security (SOS) is planning a University-wide campaign to promote student security.

The thrust of the campaign, called "Safety in Numbers," is to promote student awareness about the dangers of walking alone. The University Police survey released last November found that 78 per cent of those sexually assaulted and 50 per cent of others assaulted were alone when attacked.

The campaign involves the distribution of 2000 SOS buttons, with the slogan "Safety in Numbers." Elizabeth Einaudi '83, chairman of SOS, said yesterday she hopes students will be more likely to "Walk with someone who is wearing a button."

Einaudi said the button distribution will begin next week. In addition, SOS will hang "Safety in Numbers" posters in libraries, Einaudi said. SOS will promote the poster locations as places where students can assemble before walking home, she added.

Lawrence F. Stevens '65, assistant to the general counsel, said SOS is "right on target" in launching its campaign. Stevens praised the group's efforts at getting students to walk in numbers.

Einaudi said she could not predict whether the campaign would successfully prompt students not to walk places alone.

"Being a friendly neighbor is going against the grain for most Harvard students," she said, adding, "I hope they will pick up on it."