Representation for Minorities

Groups Meet to Discuss Student Council

After nearly a week of discussions between representatives of several campus minority groups and members of the constitutional committee for the yet-to-be-formed student council about minority representation on the council, all parties involved remain quiet as to the results of the meetings.

Minority representatives contacted last night said they wanted to wait until they had discussed the results of their latest meeting with members of their organizations before making a public statement.

The two groups met Monday night, but they were unable to come to a decision. As a result, the minority representatives decided to meet on their own Thursday night to devise a plan to present to the constitutional committee.

After the meeting Thursday, several representatives said they were optimistic that they would develop an acceptable plan with the constitutional committee "in the near future." But none would specify the results of the Thursday meeting, saying they would release a statement after discussing the issue with the constitutional committee Friday.

After yesterday's closed meeting, Vincent Chang '84, a representative of the Asian American Association (AAA), said the groups had decided on a proposal that would provide for some kind of minority voting voice on the council. Chang and other minority representatives refused to comment further on the decision.


Michael Colantuono '83, a Gay Students Association (GSA) representative and a member of the Student Assembly, said Thursday night that the minority representatives would make a statement after yesterday's meeting with the constitutional committee.

But last night Colantuono would say only that he is optimistic that the constitutional committee and the minorities have agreed on a plan that will prove acceptable to both minorities and the students body as a whole.

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