Yale Arrest

NEW HAVEN, Conn.--Two Yale seniors aided in the arrest last week of a New Haven man suspected of numerous thefts at Yale.

Good Work

Geoff Sears and Stuart Wang did "a fantastic job" in apprehending Ronald Miller after discovering him in a student dorm, Richard Dorfman, assistant police chief, said.

Sears had identified Miller a few weeks ago in a police photo book as the suspected thief of his stolen camera. When he recognized Miller in the dorm last Wednesday he grabbed his arm and yelled for help. Wang and Sears managed to pin Miller to the floor long enough for the police to come and arrest him.

Miller "has enough warrants to keep him in jail for 50 years," Augustus Lewis, a patrolman, said after the arrest.


Police arrested Miller for burglary, larceny and trespassing, and are holding him on $20,000 bond.

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