Watch Out--Here They Come: The House Football Playoffs

The dust has settled, and excitement can be felt everywhere--just like the Superbowl. Hell, it's just like The Game.

The regular House football season is history. Now, intramural gridiron enthusiasts anxiously anticipate this year's playoffs. On what teams should the daring--and wise--place their bets?

Today at 3:00 on Webster Field, the top contenders in House football--Quincy, South House, Kirkland, and Dunster-Mather--will fight it out in the semis for the two coveted spots in the championship game November 17th. That's the big one.

A very strong South House squad will challenge undefeated Quincy House, and Kirkland--the only other team with a spotless record--will have its hands full as it takes on a tenacious Dunster-Mather eleven.

The Quincy-South matchup has to be counted as the afternoon's premier contest, since the two squads have met for the championship in each of the last two years.

Two years ago, in the 1979 title game, SoHo's Joe Auteri-to-John Cheney passing combination beat Q-World with a 60-yd., last minute touchdown drive. But one as to put the odds on Quincy House--this year's defending champions.

After playing two rather lethargic ball games--which nevertheless did result in victories--against Eliot and Dunster-Mather, Quincy put its stuff together and mauled a previously very proud Winthrop, 20-0. The skill exhibited by both the team's offensive and defensive units should intimidate any rival.

Auteri, however, can see a SoHo victory. "If we tighten up our defense and get our own passing game together then we should give them a run for their money. The only thing that beats us is ourselves," he said.

"We're going to have to stop the Auteri-to-Cheney passing combination. That's the key," said Q-World coach Steve Nicholas. "But I think it's going to be really tough. They're the best team that we could face all year."

K-House should also--though with a good deal of difficulty--be able to knock off Dunster-Mather, a team which gave Q-World an unusual struggle. The size of its offensive and defensive lines gives Kirkland its advantage, with quarterback Mike Ryan usually having little trouble completing "la bomba" because his line has protected him so well.

Dunster-Mather's most potent weapon is the quarterback Keith Douds-to-Mark-Rosen touchdown combination. Douds has been able to throw the pigskin to Rosen practically at will.

"We're definitely going to have to stop the long pass," said Kirkland coach Paul "Pablo" Smith. "If we can contain him (Douds) then we'll be in luck. Also, we definitely want to establish some sort of running game."

Whatever the case may be, the action tomorrow will be closely contested. But the picks here are Quincy and Kirkland by a nose.

It all starts at 3:00 p.m. behind the Stadium. Be there, sports.

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