Bellboys Score TD; Q-World Victorious

Did anyone notice that Quincy racked up yet another victory by overwhelming Winthrop House, 20-0. Did anyone really care that powerhouse Kirkland escaped embarrassment by nipping a winless Currier, 8-6?

Not yesterday. For yesterday, House football action was different from all other days.

Because Lowell House finally scored.

After going three years without posting anything on the scoreboard, Lowell quarterback Harlan Levine eluded a Dunster-Mather defense and slipped into the endzone for six glorious points.

The fact that Mather-Dunster won 19-6 did not faze the Lowell players or their partisans. The Bellboys still broke out the champagne, and despite an 0-3 record, belted out a rendition of "We are the Champions."


For Lowell, this was the year of the point.

It wasn't pretty, but it was dramatic. Deep inside Dunster-Mather territory, Lowell defensive tackle Tim McGuire blocked and managed to intercept quarterback Keith Douds' pass. One play later--and with no time remaining on the watch--Levine ran 12 yards for the touchdown.

Before that, it was all Dunster-Mather. In the first quarter two 12-yard dashes by running back Mark Rosen set up Douds' 8-yard option into the endzone. Later in the first half, a 34-yard Douds-to-Rosen touchdown connection put Dunster-Mather in front of the bellboys 12-0.

The "year of the point" seemed as though it was going to be next year as the Dunster-Mather squad continued to monopolize play into the second half. After another Dunster-Mather touchdown, the score remained 19-0 until the end of the three-year itch.

Describing the significance of the touchdown, Levine said, "It has been three long years of preseason. This is excellent."

Let's return to earth for a while.

Quincy House--this year's defending champion--dominated all aspects of play yesterday, as they romped past Winthrop. Quincy scored on its first possession of the day when running back Jeff Laverty capped off a 70-yard drive bouncing past the goaline from the four. With only three seconds remaining in the first half, Q-World quarterback Terry Wilson finagled his way to the endzone from six yards out to take a half-time lead, 13-0.

Steve Nicholas, who had been tearing up the football field all day long with his rushing, finally scored a touchdown of his own on a pass completion from Wilson, making the final score 20-0.

Q-World, despite its undefeated record, had not been playing as well as some of the team members would have liked. "We were concentrating a lot better before and during the game," said Wilson. "Instead of concentrating on winning another championship we focused on playing well."

Interestingly enough, the Quincy squad cheered more when the extra point converted than when a touchdown was scored. The reason: placekicker Jeffrey Savit, who has never played in an organized football game (House football, organized?) managed to boot two balls which skipped over the goalpost.

"Kirkland talks of Pabloball, but he better watch out for Quincy ball," said Laverty.

The Quincy denizens might be right, if yesterday's action is any indication. Mighty Kirkland wasn't supposed to have any trouble with Currier, but the difference in the game was only a two-point conversion scored by running back Jeff Reilly, who had already contributed a touchdown gallop from the five-yard line.

Towards the end of the first half, Currier quarterback Jon Ealy connected for 56 yards and found wide receiver Norman Rice open in the endzone. Unfortunately for Currier, its two-point conversion attempt failed.

The two teams futilely battled for points during the entire second half, but the score remained 8-6.

"Kirkland is a bunch of mean guys. Being from the Quad, we ain't half bad," said Ealy, after the game.

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