Secret Santas

sit all through dinner now just to see the entertainment."


Patricia S. Constantikes '85 was treated to a bizarre dinner at the Union by three oversized green elves named Herbie, Douglas and Ervin. She said she was serenaded with "really tacky tapes" while the elves carried her from Matthews in a plastic chair.

In the Union, Constantikes was placed at the head of a table and was waited on by the elves. After ordering dinner, she was forcefed by two of the elves while the third played Chrsitmas Carols on the kazoo.

Deck the Stalls

Secret Santa surprises are not limited to dining halls, as Tim Chang '85 found out last Sunday morning. Chang discovered a trail of paper footsteps leading to his bathroom, where he found a Christmas-wrapped toilet stall containing a copy of Playboy magazine.

At Mather, Peter Y. Choi '82 can't avoid the signs posted by his Secret Santa encouraging students to joint the newly formed "Peter Choi Fan Club."

Participation in the Secret santa program is not limited to students. Lowell House Senior Tutor Christopher M. Jedrey served breakfast in bed to Lowell resident Lisa S. Kambour '83 as a gift from her Secret Santa. "She looked a bit surprised," Jedrey said.

Another enterprising Santa convinced Nat Sci 19 instructor Irven Devore, professor of Anthropology, to take Susan Keller '83, a resident of Dunster House, to lunch at the Faculty Club.

According to Nan Vogt, Co-Master of Kirkland House, the Secret Santa tradition was an invention of Linda Riordan '79, who proposed the idea to the Kirkland House Committee during her sophomore year. Riordan's idea spread quickly to the other Houses and the Yard as a means of expressing holiday spirit.

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