Student Assembly Meeting

Members of the Student Assembly, at their final meeting before new elections in January, voted last night to extend the terms of their freshman representatives to two semesters.

Under the extension, freshmen currently holding assembly seats are assured of retaining them until the spring, and the only spots that will open for new freshman representatives will be those vacated by representatives who had been removed from the assembly by not meeting attendance requirements.

Hell, No, We Won't Go

In introducing the proposal, which barely passed the required two-thirds majority, Kenneth Johnson '85 said that although the assembly's constitution calls for general elections each semester, freshmen need a full year to familiarize themselves with the workings of the assembly.

"Freshmen elected this fall are just starting to settle into their positions," Johnson said.

Other supporters of the proposal said the twice-yearly Yard-wide elections are difficult to organize and run.

Opponents of the measure, which passed 22-11, said they questioned altering the new constitution and added that the proposal will not leave seats for other interested freshmen to join the assembly this spring.

Crunch Nestle

At the meeting last night, the assembly also supported a motion calling on Harvard to boycott all products made by Nestle, the Swiss confectionary corporation which manufactures a controversial infant formula marketed in many Third World nations.

The motion states that "the purchase of Nestle products by Harvard lends moral and financial support to the world's largest marketer of infant formula."

Although the University has cut back in its use of Nestle products over the last two years, iced tea manufactured by the company is still served in the dining halls, Ross Boylan '83, who introduced the motion, said.

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