J.V.s Miss Opportunities; Still Overcome B.C., 3-2

The Harvard J.V. hockey team literally outmanned Boston College yesterday when the Crimson edged the Eagles, 3-2, for its second straight victory.

B.C. suited up only twelve players, none of whom got much rest. Harvard took advantage of its superior numbers, changing lines frequently to tire the Eagles.

"We outnumbered them more than we outplayed them," Crimson coach Kevin Hampe said. "We played poorly."

The Eagles compounded their numerical disadvantage by accruing nine penalties. B.C.'s defense managed to kill seven of the nine, but Harvard's two power play goals proved enough to bring the Crimson back from a 2-0 deficit.

Bobby Starbuck started the Crimson comeback when he flicked the puck into the upper right hand corner of the net at 4:52 in the second period.


Harvard could easily have scored earlier, but more Crimson shots hit the post than the net. Freshman right winger Bob Mazzone suffered the worst luck, finding the post at least three times, twice in the first period.

Early in the second period, the unlucky Crimson iceman must have looked twice when they saw the net move. In fact the net did move three times during the game, traveling five feet at one time and making it even harder for Harvard shots to find it.

B.C. scored its goals against the grain of play. Halfway through the first period, just after several Crimson shots had failed, the puck was in play behind the Crimson net. Harvard failed to clear the area in front of the goal crease. B.C. centered the puck, then scored on the rebound of a five-footer to take the lead.

Several times it appeared that Harvard would tie the game at one. It seemed the Crimson could put the puck almost anywhere it wanted except in the net.

When a clean check stripped B.C. of the puck, it looked as though Harvard would get a four on one break. The lead pass found the one, not the four, and the fortunate defender skated from the red line past three stunned Crimson skaters caught leaning the wrong way. The unhindered Eagle slapped the puck into the left corner of the net.

At the 14:20 mark Harvard used its man advantage to work the puck to left-winger Gary Martin. As happened often yesterday for the Crimson, the puck rolled off Martin's stick.

This time, however, luck was on Harvard's side. The puck deflected off the stick with an odd bounce and wound up in the back of the Eagle net to tie the game at two.

Harvard continued applying pressure and was duly rewarded when Shane Kukulowicz connected on a shot from the back of the left faceoff circle for the decisive goal.

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