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The Ratliff File



Sister/Bro. Americans

Water and Waste

1. Structure has reservoir on top which collects rain water.

2. Each flush is one quart

3. Tub-shower and washing machine are eradicated.

4. Waste goes into ground.

5. And recycles in dense evergreens. --Henry Ratliff

Sister/Bro. Americans


1. Keeps informed.

2. Registers and votes.

3. Well organized.

4. Unhurried and deliberate.

5. Occupies center of political spectrum.

6. Writes 1,000s of letters. Simple--brief.

7. Joins others to lobby City Hall--State Legislature--Congress.

8. Participates in peaceful demonstrations.

9. Takes turn at political office.

10. Listens-talks in farm language to farmers, 4 letter words to 4 letter people, child vocabulary to children.

11. Stays in good shape.

12. Doesn't run up debts.

13. Works well with others.

14. Approaches old problems new ways.

15. Experiences daily renewal and

16. Doesn't give up!   Henry Ratliff

Sister/Bro. Americans


Can stay ahead of carbon dioxide, smog and other human waste, if translate jungles of concrete into jungles of evergreen.   Henry Ratliff

Sister/Bro. Americans

U.S. atomic scientists

Over the last 40 years, they build a towering temple to Mephistopheles!   Henry Ratliff

Sister/Bro. Americans


The violent human having committed suicide, non-violent cockroach has a colorful evolution the next 100,000,000 years!   Henry Ratliff

Sister/Bro. Americans


Nailed down by 5000 mile border with 1,000,000,000 hostile Chinese, snarled in Poland and Afghanistan, with 40,000,000 restive Soviet muslims, only 240,000,000 population to defend area twice continental U.S.A.: how, Ron, is Russia to build world communist state?   Henry Ratliff

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