Yale Tuition Rises

NEW HAVEN. Conn.--Increasing costs of operation coupled with decreased government grants may force Yale to abandon its policy of considering all applicants without taking financial need into account, Constance White, Director of Financial Aid at Yale, said last week.

Up And Up

A. Bartlett Giamatti, president of Yale, announced yesterday that tuition at Yale will rise next year by 13.5 per cent--largest percentage increase in the past decade--to $10.340.

Ability To Pay

Currently, Yale admits applicants without considering their ability to pay tuition, and once accepted, offers them a financial package to satisfy their needs.


Yale may face a shortage of loans next year and may not be able to increase financial aid packages enough to cover rising tuition costs, White said, adding that if the federal government continues to reduce its support, Yale might have to increase the amount of self-help it requires from financial aid students.

Even if Yale continues to disregard financial need in accepting students, it may not be capable of meeting all students' needs in future years.