More Than Enough in Boston

Summer School

So May finally rolls around and you still haven't had enough of school? You're in luck because during the summer Boston remains the college capital of the world. Whether you want to learn computer programming without fighting for a terminal or yearn to study theater design (for credit), summer school provides the ideal answer. And if Harvard doesn't offer the program you're looking for, chances are that another school in the area does.

If the huge size of Harvard classes is getting to you, you might take a spin over to the Brandeis summer school. You are promised an average of nine students per class, and all are taught by regular Brandeis faculty members. The 60-odd courses offered range from theater arts to computer sciences and intensive languages. A full and highly acclaimed pre-med program is also available.

Each five-week course is $440 plus a $40 registration fee. Courses meet for two hours a day, four days a week. Sessions run from June 1 to July 3 and July 6 to August 7. You can get more information by calling 647-2796.

Boston University is offering an impressive 601 courses this summer in all areas. Don't rule out work at the Institute on Gerontology or the Institute on Family life, which will include a free lecture series.

In addition. B.U. sponsors programs in Egypt and Greece as well as archaeological field studies in Israel and Fort Christiana. Va. There is an early-June application deadline for each of these programs.


For local classes, tuition at B.U. is $105 per credit hour (most courses are four credit hour). and the registration fee is $30 the two six-week programs begin May 19 and June 30.

Boston college is also sponsoring an archaeological dig this summer. The expedition will explore the ruins of the Castle of Pathos on the island of Cyprus. Locally. B.C. will offer workshops on child abuse and neglect a seminar on the dynamics of community organizing and a media workshop in addition to a variety of more common courses. Tuition for the six-week programs is $106 per credit hour.

Tufts University also offers a diverse selection of courses--more than 250 in all. Notably from June 8 until August 17 there will be a premed program incorporating physics and organic chemistry. A four-week classics institute, including courses in Greek. Latin and Roman civilization begins June 30. Tufts also offers special programs in education and a series of dramatic workshops.

Tufts has an open enrollment policy for its summer session. Tuition is $300 for each regular course, $400 for lab courses. There is also a $20 registration fee.

While MIT's summer offerings are very limited in comparison with its regular catalog--many departments list only one or two courses--the university is sponsoring a series of short non-credit workshops covering various topics in the fields of business and government. MIT summer school information is available at 253-4791.

If you're interested in going to summer school in another part of the country--or the world, for that matter--visit the library at the Office of Career Services and Off-Campus Learning 54 Dunster St. They have summer school catalogs from a number of colleges as well as information on many programs.

Harvard's summer session begins of June 26 and ends August 14. Courses cover the equivalent of a semester's work and you can choose from 168 offerings in a wide variety of graduate and undergraduate fields. A host of regular courses are repeated each summer. Among these Chemistry 20. "Organic Chemistry," is a popular choice among those who don't want to face it during the school year.

Special summer courses include a dramatic arts program sponsored by the American Repertory Theater and a newly expanded expository and creative writing program.

Tuition for Harvard's summer session is $450 a course with an additional lab fee where applicable. Room and board are $750 and miscellaneous other fees total $75. Call the summer school office at 495-2921 for details.PhotoThe Harvard CrimsonStudying is more leisurely when it's warm