Grad School Ad Board Voter To Modify Sanctions on Verr

The Administrative Board of the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences (GSAS) voted yesterday to modify its sanctions against Steven R. Verr '79, who was required to withdraw from the GSAS in February for allegedly violating the terms of his disciplinary probation.

The board acted against Verr because he did not provide them with an acceptable letter of apology to a law student he played several pranks on--the principal stipulation of his probation from last May.

Verr has contended that he provided the board with a letter in June. and that the board did not tell him it was unacceptable until the last day of January--the probation's deadline.

William P. Homans '41. Verr's attorney, said yesterday that Verr will be allowed to re-apply to the GSAS for the fall term if he provides Edward L. Keenan '57. dean of the GSAS, with a signed copy of a letter of apology drafted by Homans.



Homans said the board reaffirmed its February decision. but modified its position in view of circumstances it did not explain.

When the board votes to require a student to withdraw, a student must usually wait one full year before reapplying

Verr and Keenan were unavailable for comment yesterday.

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