Brown Adopts New Calendar, Increases Credit Requirement

PROVIDENCE. R.I.--Brown University last week agreed to a plan to change its academic calendar and raise the number of courses required for graduation.

In an agreement struck by Robert Walsh, student council president, and Harriet Sheridan dean of the college, the university will institute a new calendar in accordance with a recent student calender reform poil, and will raise its credit requirement to 32.

"This plan represent a compromise between a number of groups over a number of tough issues," Sheridan said after the agreement was reached on April 16. adding that changing the university calendar was "significantly desired in light of the soaring energy prices and the university's fiscally precarious position."

The agreement states that the increase in graduation requirements is necessary "to keep Brown in line with its sister schools in the Ivy League."

Walsh said the benefits of the new calendar outweigh the hardships of the increased graduation requirements.


The new calendar cuts reading periods to one day and grants a one-month vacation before the start of the second semester.