Police Blotter

The following reports of major crimes were compiled from notes in the University Police log from April 17 to 23.

April 17, 12:35 a.m.--Police investigated a burglary at 83 Brattle St. reported by residents who heard noises in an apartment. Officers found the door to the apartment pried open and tape covering the peepholes of other apartments on the hallway.

April 20, 10 p.m.--An unidentified man broke into the Faculty Club and walked out with two suitcases. The value of the contents was estimated at $1200.

April 21, 2:31 a.m.--Police investigated a larceny at Harvard Vision Center in Holyoke Center. Several contact lens heaters and some pairs of eyeglasses were taken from a glass display window broken by the thieves.

April 23--An IBM Selectric typewriter, valued at $785, was stolen from Longfellow Hall. The typewriter had been bolted to a desk.


April 23, 1:29 p.m.--A man wearing a denim jacket and blue jeans approached a secrtary in Cabot Hall, handed her a gold earring and a silver chain, and said, "I was stealing these, but you can have them." The man then left.

April 23, 4:25 p.m.--Police reported that someone had sprary-painted the words "Helter Skelter" on a basement door at the Loeb Drama Center.

Police estimated the total value of property stolen last week at $5257.

Police officials said yesterday that at least 12 officers from the University and Cambridge Police and the U.S. Department followed Sheik Ahmed Z. Yamani, Saudi Arabian minister of petroleum and mineral resources, during his visit yesterday. Yamani's personal security force also accompanied him.