Student Complains B & G Workers Damaged Property

Buildings and Grounds (B & G) workmen damaged personal property after entering rooms without their permission, an Adams House resident said this week.

L. Veronica Lee '81 said she entered her room Thursday and found that the workmen painting the ceiling had left paint on a valuable frame, antique drawings and her stereo.

Frank Marciano, a supervisor for B & G, said he would have to investigate Lee's claims, but added that it appeared to be an isolated incident. "If damages were caused by B & G workmen. We will recompense the students, as we have done previously," Marciano said.

Lee said that she had similar problems two years ago, adding that repairmen damaged other residents' property as well.

Walter Geddry, superintendent at Adams House, said he did not warm students when B & G workmen would be carrying out repairs because he did not know when the workmen would arrive.


"When the student is not in, you enter the room because the job has to be done." Geddry said, adding "No one is infallible. We all make mistakes. The administration looks the other way when students put posters on their walls, and student's should overlook the mistakes workmen make."

Superintendents at other houses said they had received no similar complaints. "We notify all students when repairmen come." Peggy M. Garland, superintendent at Eliot House, said yesterday.