Triangle Houses Set for Spring Intramural Battle

Winthrop Ahead on Straus Cup Fight

More than 6000 points have already been awarded, but at the end of the winter intramural competition only 14 points separate the top three houses--Winthrop, Kirkland, and Eliot--in the annual Straus Cup competition.

Although results have yet to be officialized by Floyd Wilson and the Intramural Athletic Office, the tabulations of the athletic secretaries of the respective Houses show that Winthrop has notched 1031 points thus far, two points ahead of Kirkland at 1029 and fourteen markers ahead of Eliot which has 1017.

Notably absent from the battle is Quincy, which had led the Straus Cup standings at the end of the fall season. Quincy had been ahead of Kirkland by one point when the winter season started. Q-world had notched 426 points in the fall, but put just 464 on the board during the winter, while the leaders picked up close to 600 points each.

Lowell House, which picked up points in fencing, where Marty Ashley skewered the women's title, and squash, where Lowell House squads took the championships in men's "A" and the women's competitions, retained its fifth place standing.

Row, Row, Row Your Boat


As usual, the most important event of the spring will be the annual crew races on the Charies. A total of 350 points could be scored with wins in the four races--men's and women's "A" and men's and women's "B"--and perennial favorite Eliot should outdistance most and possibly all the competition.

Last year Eliot captured everything but the women's "B" race, in which Kirkland, in an upset, tipped the Eliot crew with a strong, experienced boat.

This year, with most of Kirkland's outstanding women lost to graduation, a repeat may not be possible. Eliot House athletic secretary Rich Iorio has already promised that "we will win the men's A boat," and described his team as "strong everywhere."

Iorio noted that good coaching from Charlie Stoerey, Lucie Schulte, and Becky Emerson has greatly developed Eliot's women's squad.

While admitting Eliot's superiority on the Charles. Winthrop secretary Bob Cashon put his Houses's strength on the playing surfaces of Soldiers Field, where Winthrop should pick up points in softball and volleyball.

The Easy Way

"We should do particularly well in the "B" leagues, where we usually pick up a lot of forfeits," he said.

When informed of Iorio's prediction on the crew. Cashon prognosticized a "runaway" for Winthrop at the spring track meet.

"We beat everybody at the indoor meet, and outdoors it will be worse," said the "House of Champions" Intramural chief.


According to intramural director Wilson, the number of spring contests and sports will be cut down to a more easily managed number this year. K-House intramural head Peter Beilenson reviewed his Houses's chances, saying that the cutback on the spring activities should "definitely" help Eliot and hurt Winthrop, while Kirkland would pick up points across the board.

"Crew will be the key," he said.

The K-House senior also noted that this was the first time three Houses have been in the running for the championship this late in the year. The Top Four (through winter competition) 1. Winthrop  1,031 2. Kirkland  1,029 3. Eliot  1,017 4. Quincy  890