Div School Receives $1 Million For Post in Jewish Studies

The Divinity School has received a $1-million grant for the establishment of a full professorship in Jewish studies, school officials announced yesterday.

The endowment, given by the Albert A. List Foundation, will create the first chair for Jewish studies at a Christian divinity school in the United States.

"We feel not only Jews but Christians should be educated in post-Biblical Judaism." George E. Rupp, dean of the Divinity School, said yesterday.

Rupp said that a search committee will begin examining candidates for the professorship this summer, and that the selection will probably be made by next January.

Divinity School officials also announced plans to raise an additional $500,000 to support lectures, workshops, and scholarship aid for students in Judaica.


Rupp said a steering committee originally established to raise funds for a Jewish studies professorship will coordinate efforts to raise the additional money.


Krister Stendahl, professor of Divinity and co-instructor of the Divinity School's current offering in Jewish studies, said yesterday that the endowment will allow "the Jewish tradition to define itself," adding that "there is no better way to do this than to have the possibility of a tenure appointment."

"It is a very important recognition of the idea that the education of Christian ministers requires coming to grips with the Jewish background and the ongoing Jewish tradition." Marc E. Saperstein '66, lecturer in Jewish studies at the Divinity School, said yesterday.