Kallmann Will Retire July 1 After 14 Years

Gerhard Kallmann, professor of architecture at the Graduate School of Design (GSD), will retire July 1 after 14 years.

During the 14 years he spent at the GSD. Kallmann served terms both as chairman of the committee for faculty appointments and promotions and as director of the summer architectural program.

Maurice D. Kilbridge, professor of Urban Systems, who was GSD dean during most of Kallmann's years, said that Professor Kallmann is "a great teacher...students liked him."

A practicing architect as well as a teacher. Kallmann "regards it as very essential that one should renew oneself by constant practice," adding that "practice affects the quality of one's teaching."

He said there was a time conflict between his practice and his teaching position, citing the occasional friction between professors and administrators on the matter, but added that students prefer to be taught by professors eminent and active in architecture.


Kallmann is a fellow of the American Institute of Architects (AIA) and an associate of the Royal Institutes of British Architects. He designed, with N.M. McKinnel and E. Knowles, the Boston City Hall, winner of many awards including an AIA honor award.