Institute of Politics Picks Betty Friedan As Fellow

Feminist leader and author Betty Friedan confirmed yesterday that she will be an Institute of Politics Fellow for spring term and will live in Mather House.

Friedan said about being called a Fellow. "I've been taking a lot of joking about that Obviously its a holdover from the time Fellows were only fellows. But that's no longer the case."

Shut and Open

Terry Donovan, Fellow program coordinator for the Institute, refused to comment on Friedan's appointment, saying the Institute will announce all six spring Fellows at the end of the month.

But a source close to the Institute who asked not to be identified, yesterday confirmed Friedan's selection, saying, "It's a great coup to have Ms. Friedan take four months out of her busy schedule to be here at the Institute."


Hit the Books

Friedan said she will be teaching a seminar based on the public policy and private strategies of her new book. "The Second Stage."

Calling the feminist movement the first stage, Friedan said her seminar will discuss the second stage, in which both women and men are developing new attitudes towards work and family.

Friedan gained national attention in the 1960s with her bestselling book, "The "Feminine Mystique." She was the founder and first president of the National Organization for Women and has been active in the movement to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment.

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