For More Veritas


To the Editors of The Crimson:

Although it may be presumptuous of me, a lowly, probably stupid cheerleader, to criticize so intellectual a person as the President of The Harvard Crimson, I feel compelled to comment on Paul M. Barrett's recent flight of fancy entitled "Sis-Boom-Bah." Like Mr. Barrett, I bemoan the loss of many fine Harvard traditions. However, I am less dismayed over that decrease in "final club snobbery" than over the collapse of the old mainstay of journalism--accuracy. Call me old-fashioned and reactionary, but I long for a return to the ancient "VERITAS" standards.

I realize, of course, that Mr. Barrett had a point to make and probably could not be concerned with small details such as facts. Still, one might note that, contrary to Mr. Barrett's assertions, the Harvard cheerleaders receive no financial assistance from the University for our activities. We began a fund this summer with contributions from our friends and relatives and we have put in additional money through out own fundraising efforts. I should add that each cheerleader shelled out over $100 to pay for his or her uniform. But enough of these unimportant details. I know, as well as Mr. Barrett does, that facts only add confusion to the story!

Why bother to verify statements when, let's face it, a far more interesting and witty article can be composed based on imagination alone? I admire a man with the necessary dedication and courage to uphold these standards. In fact, I cheer him on. Go-o-o-o Paul!! Christine H. Ho   Harvard Varsity Football Cheerleaders