Traditional Upstart Princeton Boasts Strong Aerial Attack

Princeton's football team plays just well enough every year not to lose on the gridiron to a composedly stronger Harvard squad.

For the past six years the Crimson's efforts against Princeton have been the epitome of frustration. Not only has Harvard not won the game since 1976, but in the past four contests the Tigers have outscored the Harvard them by a total of only six points.

Two years ago in a New Jericy mudhath Harvard charged up and down the field all day but failed to put the ball in the endzone. The Tigers won, 7-3.


Last year it happened again. Trailing early in the third Period, 17-3, the Crimson rallied for two touchdowns to lie the game. On the game's final play, a bad snap from center thwarted what would have been Jim vitluneva's winning 30-yard field goal.

Milky Way


In both years Princeton relied heavily on a star quarterback to keep the Crimson at bay. First it was Mark Lockenmeyer, named second team All-lvy after setting numerous Princeton pusing records.

Then came the phenomenal Bob Holly Today the lvy League record book reads like a Bob Holly career summary. Over 500 yards passing against Yale in 1981, with 36 passes completed in that game. A total of 1939 passing yards on the year. A 628 completion percentage overall. Electera, etcetera. He became a shoo-in for All-lvy honors, and everyone forgot about Lockenmeyer.

But that was last year, right? With Holly graduated lvy League secondaries could hope for a reprieve, or so they thought until Brent Woods took the field.

In his first five games this year Woods has clearly matched the standard set by Lockenmeyer and Holly. With 1.381 passing yards so far. Woods is 450 yards ahead of Holly at the game point last year. The Tiger quarter back is also his feam's leading rusher, with 273 yards and three touchdowns.

Perhaps most impressive. Princeton has been first in Division I-AA in total offence five weeks in a row. The Tiger attack has picked sport opposing defenses ranging from Cornell on opening day to Army last week.

Formerly for Harvard, while Holly has been racking up points. Princeton's defence has been letting other teams mantic Holly's run-and-gun offense.

Swiss Cheese

In three of its five outings, the Tigers defensive unit has surrendered at least 35 points. On what can euphemistically be described as a porous defense. The leading tackler is strong safety Joe Warnement. Who by necessityblities frequently to alone for an inept pass rush.

That Princeton's defense is heavily susceptible yards in five games) is good news for Harvard's back field trio of Jim Garvey. Scott McCabe and Tim McGugan.

Don Allard, recovered from a brushed left collarbone, gets the starting had from Coach Joe Restic as the Crimson, signal caller. Fellow senior QB Ron Cuccia is back after four weeks on the inactive list, ready to back up Allard if needed.