UPenn, Drye Resolve Discrimination Case

The University of Pennsylvania recently reached an out of court settlement with Assistant Comptroller William Drye, who sued the university on charges of racial discrimination

The two sides arrived at an agreement just before the first scheduled court hearing on October 12, but neither side has officially released the terms of the settlement.

High-Level Black

Drye, who occupies the highest-level administrative position for a Black at UPenn, said this week that he has been promoted to the position of Associate Comptroller but declined to comment further on the agreement.

He first filed grievances against UPenn in 1977, saying that the university had denied him fair salary and equal job opportunity because of his race.


After a university committee formed to address the charges did not find a solution to satisfy both parties, Drye took his complaints to the federal Equal Employment Opportunity Council, which granted him the right to sue in March 1980.

Employee Policies

Drye was suing for more than $50,000 compensation for back pay and legal fees, in addition to punitive damages. Complications arose when UPenn refused to release employee records that Drye's lawyer. Dona Kahn, wanted.

However, the university under subpoena finally submitted the information concerning its employee policies and practices.