Rape Follow-up

WELLESLEY--Babson and Wellesley Colleges have recently taken steps to improve security by issuing students whistles and increasing patrols in response to three rapes that occurred at Babson two weeks ago.

The Norfolk Country district attorney's of lice said yesterday there have been no new developments in its investigation of two of the incidents Four men arrested in one case will go on trial Wednesday.

The Babson police department is now issuing whistles to students who request them and it is strongly reminding" students about the campus escort service.

Nearby Wellesley College is also taking measures to prevent any trouble on its campus Like Babson the women's college has increased patrols and encouraged students to use an escort service In addition. Wellesley has installed new and brighter lights around the campus.

Students and police agreed that since the series of rapes there has been greater awareness of safety Police and they have received more reports of suspicious activity than before the rapes.


Babson and Wellesley provide walking escorts as well as cruisers, and students at the school say service is relatively satisfactory Still some students complained of hour long waits for an escort.

People are much more aware of what going on Sarah Faherty a senior at Wellesles said yesterday. I might still walk around at night, but I'm aware that its not safe," she added.

Priscilla Kennedy, another Wellesley student, said yesterday she too is more conscious of crime. The previous rapes are "always on my mind," she said.