Puzzling Playoff Picture Set

Kirkland House will take on South and Winthrop will face Eliot in today's intramural football playoffs, but only after a last-minute bureaucratic reshuffling at Athletic department headquarters.

Kirkland and Eliot players had protested the previous playoff schedule, which included only a one-game championship between divisional winners Soho and Winthrop. As a result, Kirkland and Eliot, close second place finishers in each division, were also asked to participate.

League Commissioner Floyd Wilson, an Athletic Department employee, said yesterday that the team with the best overall record will face Yale's top intramural team November 19, the day before the Game. He said that he hasn't decided what to do if two Harvard teams emerge with identical records.

South is currently 3-0, followed by Kirkland and Quincy at 3-1. Eliot has a 2-1 mark.

Regardless of who plays Yale, an all-Harvard finale will be played November 23 between tomorrow's winners. Wilson said.


"The problem was trying to play two playoff games before the Yale game next Friday." Wilson explained. "It would have meant playing Thursday, Tuesday, and Friday. That's three games in seven days, and that's just too many."

"My main concern was medical, and with this system, we're avoiding any problems," he added.

Wilson said he agreed with Harvard's trainers that players would risk severe injury be participating in three games in one week.

"The problem of too many games in one week is a legitimate concern." Eliot Player-Coach Don Clark said "I think everyone's satisfied with the new set-up."