Professors See Owner Victory In Tentative NFL Settlement

The owners of National Football League INH teams outbargamed representatives no the players union ending the eight-week pro football strike in a settlement that keeps the financial structure of the league intact. Harvard Labor relations specialists said this week.

While the five-year contract gives players SL# billion in wages and benefits the agreement favors the owners because players wages still do not setlect their true value its their teams, "Robert F. Klitgaard 68, associate professor of public policy at the Kennedy School said yesterday.

Boob Lube Profits

Players will not garner a percentage from television profits Klitgaard said calling that the "big issue."

The players should not have asked sinusoidal lot more money and revenue sharing with the owners. David a research fellow who helped direct 4 simulation of negotiations for NFL management said Thursday.


It might have been better of they had gone for only one thing at a time Law said.

Other professors contended that a lack of negotiating experience between the contended the parties prevented them from settling the dispute quickly.

"Both sides seem to leave badly misjudged the strength of the other and it took at strike to convince them of the seriousness of the demands," David E. Bloom assistant professor of Economics said Wednesday.

Both sides were playing a macho game to see who would give in first. Howard Railla Ranisey Professor of Managerial Economics added.