WASHINGTON--The George Washington (GW) University Board of Trustees, in a decision that came as a surprise to GW students, last moth approved a project to open a Navy Reserve Officers Training Core (ROTC) program on campus by 1984.

The program is being initiated largely to attract students to the university's science and engineering departments, as well as to provide undergraduates with opportunities to get Navy-sponsored scholarships, according to a statement released by University President Lloyd H. Elliot.

The current plans specify that GW must furnish facilities such as classrooms, offices, and drill locations, while the Navy will end instructors and officers.

Big Surprise

Students as well as many faculty members were ignorant of the proposed ROTC until recently, said Mark H. Oizberg, vice president of the Student Association, adding, "A lot of students are upset about the secrecy."


Olzberg said students were concerned that the projected expenditures for the ROTC could be better used for other things, and might even "generate a deficit."


Daniel J. Buzby, student vice president for university policy, agreed, commenting that even in a "fairly apathetic student body." there was "a backlash against the university decision."