Senator Bradley, Professors Back New Tax Plan

Senator Big Bradley (D-N.J.) and three professors agreed last night at an Institute of Politics (TOP) Forum that the current personal income tax system must be overhauled, and discussed Bradley's newly introduced tax reform bill

There is a burning need to make the tax system more fair and more simple, Bradley said last night before a crowd of 350

The Democratic senator is cosponsor of a tax proposal which calls for raising the minimum and lowering the maximum tax rates while eliminating most tax exemptions

Herman B Leonard, assistant professor of Public Policy Stanley S Surrey professor of Law and Paul McDamel, professor of Law at Baston College endorsed, with some reservations Bradley's proposal, co-sponsored with Rep-Richard Gephardt (D-Mo.)

Surrey said he would prefer to see all tax loopholes removed but accepts the political need to keep exemptions such as the deduction for charitable contributions in the proposed legislation


The new initiatives which Bradley hopes will reach the Senate floor by early 1984, would declare single incomes below $26 000 non taxable Income from $14 000 $ 37 000 would be taxed progressively up to a 28's ceiling

Bradley said that President Reagan's tax plan was flawed because if cut taxes among the highest incomes and did not remove any of the loopholes

McDaniel agreed with Bradley's bill but warned the crowd that the complexities of the system will remain, adding, we will not active at utopia

In a brief interview yesterday afternoon, Bradley dismissed speculation that he would be a candidate for president in 1914, saying. "I am running for re-election, that is all." He added that he sees Senator Edward M Kennedy '54 "leading the pack" for the Democratic nomination