Kirkland Stops Lowell

Stalls Bellboys' Playoff Hopes

It all seemed so simple. A Lowell victory yesterday would have sent the bellboys into their first House football playoff game in seven years. But Kirkland put Lowell's dreams of a playoff birth aside at least for a week, pinning a disappointing 8-0 loss on this year's cinderella team.

Kirkland's victory coupled with Winthrop's 6-0 win yesterday over Leverett has forced a three-way be in league stands with just one week left in regular season play. Kirkland and Lowell will take 2-1 records into next week's games, while Winthrop with a 3-1 mark will await the results from the sideling.

Meanwhile South House wrapped up the other title Tuesday putting away previously unbeaten Eliot. 7-0. A 40-yard pass from Walter Paulsen to Tommy Kardish gave Soho the only points it needed in House football's most brutal game this year. Paulsen suffered a broken collar bone, while the Eliot team suffered one broken leg two broken ankles two concussions and one broken jaw.

"The division title was on the line. Sowe went all out," said Soba's Strve Troy. "We're definitely going to win the whole thing now but we really want Lowell bad. We want to beat up on them. I can taste it now," he added.

Lowell, victimized by a 40-yard touchdown loss from Kirkland's Bobby Sherlock to Dwayne Jones in the first half, controlled the ball for most of the second half. Despite loud support from the crowd, Lowell botched a chance to score in the game's wanting minute. All four plays from the Kirkland 10-yard line turned up short, and the Bellboys went home eagerly awaiting Dunster Mather next week.