Candidates Agree on All Major Issues

Contenders for GOP Bid Blast King

The five Republican candidates for governor agreed last night at a law School forum that Democrats have led the state into economic chaos in recent years, and they agreed that Gov. Edward J. King has demonstrated a distinct lack of leadership during his tenure.

In fact, the GOP contenders agreed on just about everything during a 90-minute session, which did not include direct debate among the candidates or with journalists.

Tax Cuts and More Services

The candidates all endorsed state tax cuts, but they also expressed support for relieving local communities hit hard by service reductions in the wake the of Proposition 2 1/2 tax reduction approved last year.

They also voiced approval for President Reagan's "new federalism" program of returning responsibility for many social programs to the states, and they criticized King's proposal for a "work-fare" program, which would induce welfare recipients to take state jobs in order to receive relief.


No Argument Here

Participating in the markedly peaceful discussion were State House of Representatives Minority Leader William G. Robinson. Assistant House Minority Whip Andrew H. Card Jr., former Metropolitan district Commissioner Guy Carbone, former Boston City Councilor John W. Sears '52, and Westwood businessman John R. Lakian.

Working Out

The participants were limited to making brief statements and responses to questions from the audience. They did not address each other directly. The forum was sponsored by the Robon Society, a nationwide moderate Republican organization.

Robinson emphasized his legislative experience and his record of having consistently opposed King's budget proposals. The state representative yesterday received the endorsement of Citizens for Limited Taxation, the tax lobby which backed Proposition 2 1/2.

Job Experience

Sears ran through a long list of state and municipal offices he has held, as did Carbone. Lakian, who had no previous government experience, stressed his business management experience.

After the forum, Carbone called himself the only Republican capable of winning the November election, while Lakian and Robin made unqualified predictions of victory the March 6 party caucus.