Lampoon to Spoof 'Time' Again Following Success of 'People'

Already preparing their person-tipped barbs for the nation's largest weekly news magazine, the editors of the Harvard Lampoon said yesterday that they will spend the summer preparing a parody of Time which will be released next tall.

The project follows the Lampoon's spool of People magazine last year, which has sold almost 750,000 copies across the country since October.

Pleased with the critical acclaim accorded the People issue, ranking Lampoon editor Michael H. Ferris '83 said of the Time project. "We hope it's a big money maker."

Getting Tough

The Lampoon has since 1911 printed joke versions of major American periodicals, including Life. Esquire, Cosmopolitan and-twice in the 1960s--Time But editors indicated that the next stab, though not yet planned in detail, will be "more vicious" than the People spoof.

"Since it's more a political magazine, we feel we can make a more timely comment," said Ferris.

The People issue featured articles on a boxing run and the Shah of Iran's continuing career in Hell, as well as a cover photograph of actress Brooke Shields bolding a large dead fish.

Sine Lampoon staffers will spend the summer producing the Time issue, when will be distributed nation wide, and editors said that they will work in cooperation with the publishers of the real magazine as they did on the People project.

The last Time parody in 1969, was the result of hard financial times for the Lampoon said Robert Hoffman '69, a former editor and current head of the Harvard Lampoon Project Fund "We were dead broke, we had 575,000 worth of bills to pay, so we had to do it," be added.

Hoffman said the 1969 staff worked under another pressing constraint: "We rushed it to press because we were afraid the Vietnam War would be over before it came out."

Times have changed, said Ferris, pointing out that that was the love generation, this is regeneration.

Current "Poon President Lisa M. Henson '83 said that the traditional problem of who to put on the cover will again dominate discussion at the magazine's "castle" on Plympton and Mt. Auburn St.