Mellon Board Awards Grants To 16 Assistant Professors

The Mellon Foundation this month awarded following of 16 assistant professors who will spend next-year everything and tearing at Harvard.

A selection committee of five senior faculty members chose the recipients from a pool of over self-nominated candidates who submit description of the work they wish to also white at Harvard.

The program is designed to help scholars who have not yet received tenure Richard Hunt director of the Mellon Faculty Fellowship Program said Through their achievements at Harvard Hunt added fellows have an improved chance for tenure when they return to their respective universities

Most of the Mellor fellows produce articles or books for publication and all are required to teach a single semester course

This year's recipients work in fields ranging from Afro-American Studies to Visual and Environmental Studies. Three of the winners currently teach at Stanford.


Donnal M. Wulff, assistant professor at Brown University, said she applied for two different grants at Harvard in hopes of being given a chance to make one of the University's library of Indian studies. Wulff said she will tech a freshman seminar on musical and dramatic devotion in Bengal, and added she is "looking forward to having the time and the facilities for research."

Willian J. Harris assistant professor of English at the State University of New York at Stony Brook said he will finish his books on the "poetry and poetics of Amiri Baraka" while working under the auspices of the Afro American Studies Department. Harris said he is "exicted" about coming to Cambridge There is "uncredible energy in that town" he added.