Law Students Submit Proposal on Affirmative Action to Dean

The Third World Coalition group of minority law student organizations yesterday delivered a series of affirmative action proposals to Law School administrators, calling for an end to what they perceive as "institutional racism" at the Law School.

The proposals, which suggest that representatives of minority groups take apart in student admissions decisions and that greater emphasis be placed on the hiring of minority professors, were delivered to Law School dean James Vorenberg '49 and assistant dean Molly T. Geraghty '64, director of admissions.

Vorenberg yesterday declined to comment on the suggestions until he could talk to members of the Third World Coalition, adding that "it would be fairest to respond to them first."

However, Geraghty said yesterday, "These are informed and caring views that everyone should take seriously and I have no doubt they will," She added that the proposals were "not a surprise" and that she would discuss them with coalition representatives Friday.

The Third World Coalition will present their proposals to the Law School Council, a student assembly, tonight and will probably meet with Vorenberg later in the week, Nicky Sheats, coalition chairman, said yesterday.

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Sheats added that the University of Pennsylvania and the University of California Law Schools have already implemented admissions policies similar to those suggested by the coalition.